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Avoid Going to Court
The facts and circumstances of each traffic ticket are different, but all ticketscan be a hassle.  If the officer who
Regional Justice Center, pay for parking, find your courtroom and wait for your case to be called.  If you plead
"Not Guilty" you will have to return again for a trial.  You can avoid appearing in Court by hiring an attorney
Avoid Insurance Increases
With the improper handling of a traffic ticket you may find yourself with points on your DMV record and with
substantial increases to your auto insurance premium. Traffic tickets can often cost a person his or her job.  In
most instances, we are able to negotiate the violation to a non-moving infraction or a parking ticket so no points
are assessed by the DMV, and your insurance doesn't increase.

Avoid Traffic School
Our lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in the area of traffic law. In most cases, we can reduce the
violation to a non-moving infraction or a parking ticket so no points are assessed by the DMV and so you won't
have to attend traffic school.  

Possibly Reduce Fines
The goal of the court is to facilitate justice.  In traffic terms, that means collecting fines and fees.  To streamline
the process, the court allows attorneys to appear on an offender's behalf in a convenient forum with the ability to
reduce the other consequences of a citation in exchange for the Court being able to impose and collect a fine
efficiently.  If you have received multiple citations, we often are able to negotiate a reduction in the total fines
and fees, but there are few circumstances where fines can be completely avoided.

If you have a ticket, call us, don't waste your time in court and don't take points or traffic school without a

If you have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence, you need an attorney to assist you with fighting the
charge or negotiating a sentence.  While a DUI is a very serious matter, everyone makes mistakes, and our
attorneys will explain the process in a compassionate and professional manner to ease your fears and guide you
through the legal system.

If you fail to appear on your traffic citation date, or do not pay your fines on time, the court may issue a warrant
or your arrest.  Our office can file a motion to "quash" the warrant and ensure that you are not at risk of being
hauled off to jail.  After the warrant is quashed, we then appear on your behalf to resolve the outstanding traffic
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