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Guardianship agreements are documents that let doctors, teachers, family members, and courts know
who you want to look after your children if you are incapacitated or pass.  There are four types of
guardianship agreements.

(1) Caregiver Affidavit
This type of agreement any family member can fill out who is taking care of a child even though they
are not the legal guardian.  These forms are usually used if the parents are incapacitated or unable to
care for the child for some period of time.  This form allows the guardian to enroll the child in school
and make health care decisions under some circumstances.

(2) Guardianship Clause in a Will
This is the most common agreement and allows you to nominate a guardian in the event you pass.  

(3) Nomination of Guardian
This agreement allows you to nominate a guardian in the event the parents become incapacitated.  
This form is used

Our guardianship agreement package includes all three of these documents if you are also ordering a
will.  If you are not ordering a will, we will provide the first two forms and recommend you fill in a
statutory short form will to appoint a guardian in the even you pass (we will provide the forms and
instructions free of charge).  

(4) Joint Guardianship
Joint guardianship is a legal tool for terminally ill patients.  This tool allows a parent to transfer
parental rights to another person while they are still alive and to keep their rights until they pass.  
Upon death, full guardianship rights transfer automatically, which is can ease the emotional turmoil
on children.
Gaurdianship Agreements
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