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Nevada Homeowners Can Now Request Foreclosure Mediation
Since July 1, 2009, a homeowner in Nevada who receives a notice of default & election to sell, can request
mandatory mediation from the State of Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program.  The purpose of mediation is to
create a face-to-face negotiation, which often results in a loan modification for the homeowner.  The Nevada
legislature recognized that a lot of foreclosures could be avoided, and a lot of loan modifications negotiated, if
homeowners and lenders could just have a chance to sit down and talk together.  

Homeowners who have received a foreclosure notice "Notice of Default and Election to Sell" can request a
face-to-face meeting with their mortgage lender, which is facilitated by a trained mediator, in an effort to find an
alternative to foreclosure such as a loan modification. A homeowner has 30 days to request foreclosure mediation,
so time is of the essence. The 30-day period begins the day the foreclosure notice is received. The homeowner must
notify the trustee of the election to mediate by sending in the foreclosure mediation request form.

You can get a copy of the foreclosure mediation request form at the Nevada Supreme Court's website:  or contact our office and schedule an appointment
with one of our attorneys who can help you submit the election form and prepare your case for mediation.

After the trustee has been notified of the home owner's request, the foreclosure is stayed (i.e., temporarily stopped)
for 90 days from the date of the notice of default.  Once the State of Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program
assigns a mediator, you will be notified of the mediation date and will need to submit several documents and
financial information to both the lender and the mediator.  

We will utilize Mortgage and Lending laws, the Bankruptcy Code and Negotiations to help you find the best
financial solution for your individual situation.  There is no "cookie cutter" answer to financial distress, at LGBT
Law Center of Las Vegas we will analyze your entire financial picture to get you the best results possible under the

There are deadlines to meet, so do not delay, call our office today so we can help you take advantage of the
Foreclosure Mediation Process.  We will help you complete the paperwork to elect for mediation, submit all
necessary documents, and advocate for you at the mediation. We charge competitive fees and you will always be
represented by an Attorney, not a paralegal or  a "loan modification consultant".  At the LGBT Law Center of Las
vegas we are committed to helping you save your home.
Foreclosure Mediation
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