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Individuals and couples dealing with infertility have turned to artificial insemination using donor
sperm, and/or invitro-fertilization via donated egg or embryo to have children.  In most cases in the
U.S., individuals and couples obtain sperm, eggs or embryos from anonymous donors.  However, for
various reasons, some people prefer to use a known donor.  They may desire to have greater
information about the donor’s background and personality or they may hope to preserve the
opportunity for the child to have contact with the donor in the future.  Some seek out known donors
with the expectation that the donor will act as a role model and have an ongoing, albeit limited, role
in the child’s life. Regardless of the process chosen, its important that anyone considering assisted
reproduction understand the applicable law.

Ultimately, the decision whether to use a known donor is a deeply personal one, but also one that has
potentially significant legal consequences for the donor(s), the intended parent(s) and the children
who result.  As with many types of third party assisted reproduction, the law governing the rights and
obligations of known donors is complex and varies significantly among jurisdictions.  Nevada law
regarding donors (effective October  1, 2013) requires consent forms and contracts to be executed
prior to conception. The new statue also makes clear that a  person who donates eggs, sperm or
embryos for assisted reproduction is not a parent of the resulting child unless the donation is with the
intent of being a parent of the resulting child.  
This means that an attorney should be involved
before any attempts at conception are made.
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