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Many adoption agencies or foreign countries expressly prohibit or frown upon adoption by gay or lesbian parents.

In Clark County, the Department of Family Services will only permit one parent in a same-sex relationship or
domestic partnership to adopt a child from the Foster Care system, which means a Second Parent Adoption
afterwards is necessary for both parents to have equal legal rights.

In other cases, a biological child is conceived with one partner's egg or sperm, carried to term by that partner or a
surrogate mother. The parent without a biological connection is at a distinct legal disadvantage.

Regardless of how you have chosen to create your family, attorneys Tara Newberry and Paul Connaghan can help
arrange for a second parent adoption so that both partners are legally recognized as parents.

It is important to note, even if your child was born in California or another state that permits both partners to be
named on the Birth Certificate, it is still recommended that a Second Parent Adoption be obtained to ensure both
parents will be recognized.  So long as DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act) is in effect, the only assurance our
families have in any given state that their parentage will be recognized, is with a formal adoption order issued by a
Same Sex Adoptions (Second Parent Adoptions)
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